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Please go through the menu to get a full picture on our comprehensive services. You will find everything in regards to property transactions let it be real estate buy or sell, renting, or any type of pre- or post works.
Our office is located in the city centre (V.district), where English speaking colleagues are happy to help our clients. We aim to serve the more diverse demands.
The team of 20 colleagues covers all districts of Budapest, however if required we also work on Budapest agglomiration properties, or high-value investment propeties around whole Hungary.

Also, a taste of foreign properties are also available on our website. We work with Hungarian-born colleagues speaking languages in Florida, Pattaya in Thailand or Russia, so our professional services can be utitlized in these contries not only for sale but also for long-term rent.

Our city-centre office address:

H-1051 Budapest, József Attila street 12. / at Hild square /

Should you have any questions, please contact us by filling the below form: